Towards the Nexus

The Raiders’ march towards the Wasteland Nexus is now joined by the Tyr Cannon, a massive tank capable of leveling cities in a single blast. Commander, you must not let them reach the Nexus!

-More event missions added to the Harvest of Carnage event, take on the powerful Tyr Cannon boss
-Carnage box features new cards as well as favorites from previous Event boxes
-New and old cards become more powerful with fusion

Discovering Lost Technology

Before Typhon left for Tartarus, he left orders to keep the Imperials distracted on Acheron. New Raider machines make their way across the wastes and it’s up to Octane and Tabitha to defeat the newly raised menace.

-Challenging new event missions will push your deck to the limit
-Pull powerful new cards from the Harvest Event card box
-New fusion cards are ready for battle
-Defeating the Harvest missions will unlock new event achievements and awards