Imperials: Protectors of the Colonies.

The Imperials stand as a stalwart wall against the tides of their enemies. Lord Halcyon leads his troops from the Imperial stronghold, The Spire. When Typhon Vex launches his attack, Halcyon is forced to lead an army to hunt his most hated foe.

Raiders: Survivors of the Prison Continent.

A combination of prisoners and displaced people make up the ranks of the Raiders, who are led by the savvy Typhon Vex. Typhon has hatched a plan that will destroy the hated Imperials and their feeble leader, Halcyon

Bloodthirsty: Scourge of Tartarus.

The creatures of the Blight, known as Bloodthirsty, exist only to revel in the carnage of death. The Bloodthirsty infect, corrupt and destroy living things warping them into monsters.

Xeno: Invaders from the Enclave.

Ultimately unknowable. The Xeno threat descend from the skies in sleek black machines of death. Their real goals are hidden, but their threat is obvious. The Xeno will attack any living thing that gets in their way.

Righteous: Ancient Order of Acheron.

Ancient enemies of the Bloodthirsty. The zealots of the Righteous exist to purge Acheron of the Blight. With sacred and powerful technologies the Righteous purify those infected, and those deemed prone to infection.